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IM Group USA connects people with long term careers. We provide career assessments to our candidates to match their personality, strengths and interests with a new career. We assist professionals who have been displaced and qualify under the "homeless" classification.

We proudly staff homeless professionals.
Homeless is defined as an individual or family who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence; imminently lose housing, under certain circumstances; or  people who are fleeing or attempting to flee domestic or intimate violence and lack the resources to obtain other permanent housing.

New Training Center in

Tampa Bay

IM Group USA in partnership with I AM Hopeful,Inc. offers training in their new Tampa Bay facilities to prepare the homeless and displaced population for the work force. 

Ask how you can partner with us and become a sponsor of this initiative in Tampa Bay area!

Changing Lives One Career At A Time

I AM The Group Foundation, Inc. is assisting homeless  young adults from 18-24 years old with career placement and long term housing. Our goal is to keep this population out of the streets and provide with necessary life skills to attend college, graduate, and become a professional. More importantly, we encourage this population to dream big, and we will support them through the process. We provide workshops, training, career and college fairs, and allocate funds to assist with college tuition.

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March 21, 2018

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