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Relocation Solutions

Finding My New Home

IM Group USA is a full-service  relocation management firm offering a complete range of domestic and international relocation services. We specialize in domestic home purchase programs, inventory management and destination services. Our Licensed Real Estate Agents will assist with the process for a smooth transition.

Corporate Relocation

We understand that relocation can be an effective tool to recruit, attract, and retain quality people. Employee selection and employee hiring processes are critical to hiring superior staff in any industry. IM Group USA understands how critical your hiring process can be. We will work with you and your Human Resources team to build an employee relocation plan that can help you recruit and retain valuable members of your team.
We feel relocation is an important employee benefit; one that should not be overlooked. For a job applicant considering various offers, relocation benefits can often make the difference in whether a candidate accepts a position.
Each new customer we serve presents us with a new opportunity to showcase our commitment to quality. In many cases, we can extend our negotiated rates and contract agreements to your retiring employees and those who are moving on their own.
There is no shortage of change or potential stress your employee and their family may experience during their relocation. By partnering with a company dedicated to corporate relocation you can trust they will have a positive experience.

Home Purchase Programs

IM Group USA help assignees to discover great neighborhoods, find the right home, choose the best school, and get settled into their new community with less stress and more confidence, allowing them the freedom to focus on their goals. 
We partner with lenders who offer Home Purchase Programs to professionals relocating within the U.S. 
Your new job offer is the key to your new home!